Tom Gore

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“I have been fishing since I was a very young man. Over the years I have been blessed to have found myself in beautiful areas of the world, fishing for all kinds of fish. By far the best fishing experiences I have had in my life have come in the last 5 years. Starting in 2000, I have been making my way each year to Puerto Jimenez Costa Rica for an annual fishing and relaxing trip. I have tried to go other places, but the lure of the beaches and fishing grounds keeps calling me back. There was one other factor as well that has made my trip even better. Starting in 2001, I started fishing with Cory Craig.

My fishing trips with Cory have been amazing. His passion and ability to fish make the trips I have had with him some of the best of my life. My first trip fishing with Cory was with myself and my father. We caught Roosters (too many to count), the largest one was around 60 pounds. The illusive Snook made its appearance with us. We had inshore days that would knock your socks off. With full boatloads of snapper, jacks, and pompano that just opened my world to a place where the ocean seems more alive than anywhere I have ever been.

The next trip found us expanding into the areas of offshore fishing. We have caught sailfish, Dorado, and tuna. We have had days where you just can’t keep the fish out of the boat. It just seems like every adventure we grab in the world of the ocean in Jimenez just leads to something new. The ocean just bursts with life. If it is not the fish you are catching it is the fish you see. Cory and I have swam with Whale Sharks, felt waves made by passing Gray Whales, we have seen schools of over 1000 dolphins, we have seen groups of Manta Rays jumping, flying fish, the list goes on and on.

In the subsequent years I have continued my fishing experiences with Cory and it pleasures me to see him expanding each year with his knowledge of the area, the culture, he and Cara’s family, and now into their own fishing venture. I can’t wait to be first in line to fish again with my friend Cory, that friendship that has lasted 5 years started with my father and I jumping onto Cory’s boat one morning. Once you do the same you will not ever regret it. As Capt’ Cory says Keep a tight line!”