About Tropic Fins

Tropic Fins Adventures is here to provide you with the ultimate saltwater sportfishing adventure. Whether you are seeking big fish or numbers of fish, and regardless of novice or experienced, we are here to meet all your needs with a customized trip full of personal service and attention.

With Cory’s thirteen years of experience as a professional guide, he has the education, passion, and love of sport fishing to make this an unforgettable trip.

At Tropic Fins Adventures we strive to be fresh, innovative, and adaptable, anything but standard. We’ll tailor the trip entirely to fit your needs, which is completely different from the structured schedule you are required to follow in a large lodge setting. Need an extra day in San Jose? Want to drive down? Want to fly? Want to fish early or fish late? Want to site see, kayak, dolphin watch, surf, horseback ride, take rainforest, mangrove, or orchid garden tours? All of this and more is available for those seeking additional activities.

Our goal is to provide you with the finest in fishing, a vacation filled with adventure that is structured entirely around you. The Tropic Fins season runs from December to May. We look forward to you joining us here on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula!


Tropic Fins Adventures is located on the Osa Peninsula on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast. The Gulfo Dulce is the deepest tropical gulf in the world and it is teaming with life. Sightings of dolphins, whales, and turtles are a regular occurrence, not to mention the hundreds of fish species. The Osa is also home to Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica’s largest national park. Tropic Fins Adventures is run out of Puerto Jimenez, a small town of 2000 people, a short 40-minute flight out of San Jose. For those seeking a little more adventure, you may choose to opt for the 8-hour drive down. There are also dozens of tours available if you are not fishing or if you would like a day of rest. Check them out in the activities link.


The Golfo Dulce and the nearby Pacific Ocean are a world-class fishery. Whether it’s inshore, offshore, or both, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of fishing. Inshore fishing takes place in the gulf and coastal waters outside the gulf. Awesome fishing is literally at your front door. Although Roosterfish are the primary target, there are a number of other species to be caught. A variety of Snapper are available, including 40 plus pound Cuberas, Jacks of all kinds, Barracuda, and Mackerel to name a few.

Whether it’s slow trolling live bait, bottom fishing, jigging, or casting poppers, you will be sure to have a bent rod and a sweat on. Offshore fishing can be as close as the mouth of the gulf (10 miles from Puerto Jimenez), depending on where the “blue water” is. Fish can almost always be found within 10 miles. Sailfish are plentiful, but there is always the chance of an interruption from a Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, or Dorado (Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin fish). These species can also be targeted if you are looking for table fare, but all billfish are released. The potential for 15 to 20 fish days is not uncommon with 5 to 10 sailfish releases being the norm.


A fishing lodge running 10 to 20 boats needs to be tightly structured. You fish on lodge time schedules. Running a single boat charter allows us to design a trip especially for you and your guests. With options on accommodations in San Jose and on the Osa, we will put you up in a hotel to match your expectations and needs. In Puerto Jimenez, you can enjoy your dinner within a few steps of your cabin, or experience some of the local flavors at the variety of restaurants in town. The fishing day will be tailored to your liking. Hard-core anglers can choose to be the first on the water or the last to come in. For those wanting a more relaxed day, we can start whenever you make it down to the boat. How does a sit-down breakfast listening to the monkeys and parrots sound? Maybe you would prefer breakfast burritos and coffee on the water? For lunch, sandwich or pizza, wraps or fried chicken? Whatever you want we can arrange it for you.

You will hear stories of captains detouring people from fishing inshore, or not willing to change methods or locations when the fishing is slow. My goal is to fish for what you want to catch and use my experience in all areas to put you on action throughout the day. I am very much a member of the “no yelling” school of guiding. My goal is to make your trip productive and fun. At the trip end, my hope is that your expectations have been exceeded, you have a smile on your face, tired arms, and some knowledge to have improved your fishing skill.

In the future, I will be exploring the addition of adventure packages, such as night fishing and overnight trips to Drake Bay (on the NW side of the Osa), and possibly Panama. If you are interested in exploring these options they are available at an extra cost. Hope to see you soon.