Yes. If you decide to bring the kids there is plenty for them to do. Nannies are available at a reasonable cost for those not wishing to take the kids out on the boat for the day. There are child friendly beaches in the area with little or no swells. For older kids there are a variety of tours that may interest them including surf lessons, zip lines and kayaking.

January through April the climate is usually hot and humid with clear skies and temperatures reaching into the 90’s. Late afternoon showers are not uncommon, but for the most part there is little rain. Early and late season you can expect more rain.

Puerto Jimenez has most of the amenities of a small town. Grocery stores, pharmacies, a bank with bank machine, internet café, gift shops, a variety of restaurants and bars, even a disco on weekends. Car, quad, and mountain bike rentals are also available.

No vaccines are required to enter the country, speak with your personal physician for recommendations.

The tap water in Puerto Jimenez is “safe” to drink, but it is recommended that you drink bottled water as to not take any chances during your stay.

The electricity in Costa Rica is 110V. In Puerto Jimenez short power outages are common, so a flashlight is recommended.

If you wish to drive down you can rent a car in San Jose. The drive is 8 hours plus and not recommended for the timid. You can also rent a car in Puerto Jimenez for travel around the peninsula or the drive back to San Jose. We can assist you with rental needs.

The local currency in Costa Rica is “colones” and the local exchange rate as of October 2016 is 546 colones to one US dollar. U.S. dollars in smaller denominations are widely accepted and you can always exchange money at the local bank. Euros are not known to be accepted. Click here for Updated Currency Exchange Rates

Lightweight clothing, long sleeves for those prone to burning, sunscreen, repellent, hats, comfortable shoes, and a light rain jacket. A flashlight comes in handy for walking at night and during power outages. You can bring rods and tackle, but all equipment is supplied. Batteries, film, etc. are available in town, but keep in mind they may be more expensive and hard to find at times.