39" Northern Pike on the Fly!
39″ Northern Pike on the Fly!

Those who have fished with him know, Tosh, like his father was born to fish, it’s in his blood.  Even a at young age, he is an accomplished angler in Conventional, flyfishing, handlining and spearfishing.  From the little creek behind our house, to the grounds 45 miles offshore.  He’s at home on the fridgid lakes on the 6oth parallel to the warm tides near the equator.  If there are fish to be caught, you can count on Tosh to be there.  We thought we would dedicate a page just for Tosh to showcase his catches, both fresh and saltwater over the years.  His species list has surpassed even those four times his age.  Tosh has become more of a fixture with Tropic Fins adventures, and those who fish with us will see more of him in the future.

“Best Of” Tosh Gallery

Early Days Tosh Fishing Video

Tosh, Scott Lake 2008Tosh’s annual Birthday trip to Scott Lake Lodge. This year we are in Costa Rica awaiting the arrival of his little sister. As exciting as that is, he still wishes he was fishing at Scott Lake.

Happy 5th Birthday Bud!!

Posted by Cory Craig on Thursday, August 20, 2009

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