Testing the waters


First boat is ready. Had do do a quick check of a few spots, first drop, 5 seconds, double Pompanos! Yup…..right where I left them.

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Huge Roosters


Huge Roosters from Don LaRuffa, Jr. on Vimeo.

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Biff Rooster


  Looks like Biff Piston hooked into a nice one!

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Pura Vida Cheetah


Pura Vida Cheetah from Don LaRuffa, Jr. on Vimeo.

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100 baits in 2 hours!


Some fun days fishing with Ken & Rhonda, and Robert & Susan. Great inshore action with some big Dogtooth snapper, with one insane morning where we went through 100 baits in 2 hours!! over 30 Roosterfish, 20 snapper, and a few others in the mix.

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Great Morning


A great morning with Jimmy and Logan

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Finally a boat in the water! Here is our new 21′ Bay Boat “REEL HARD”, floating and ready for the season. We will run this as an inshore boat with 2 angler and Capt. only. With over an 8′ beam, this boat handles great in the chop and plenty of room.

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Osa’s Little Big Angler – Tosh Craig


The Golfo Dulce was a big mirror of crimson as the morning fireball rises over the mountains of Panama and painted the sky like a beautiful canvas. The only sounds were the jungle behind Puntarenitas slowly coming awake, the soft slapping on the shoreline of gentle waves and the gurgling of a top-water popping lure […]

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On the fly


At Tropic Fins Adventures we enjoy all aspects of fishing. For those of you who want to hook up on the fly, we have the equipment and techniques to get you hooked up inshore and offshore.

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Tuna on a hand-line


Tosh had three goals yesterday: to catch a fish on his new rod and popper (check), to catch a tuna on his new fly rod (check) and to catch a tuna on a hand line??? (check). Posted by Cory Craig on sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014

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